Aleha Landry


Writing seemed to find me.

I believe that we can all learn something from someone else. Everyone has something to teach and no one is above learning-- building that connection can help foster empathy and a better world. One common theme with my writing is to bring attention to demographics that have been typically sidelined. I have experienced that by telling these stories-- including my own-- it builds support for all.

Feel free to get a better understanding of my style and work by exploring my official Writing Portfolio.

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About Me

As a military spouse, I noticed that I was not given support or tools to help when my husband was facing a major mental health crisis. As I researched this and started reaching out to people, I noticed this was common and I set out to change it.

As I progressed in this journey, I became involved in working groups to change Department of the Air Force policy and approach to spouses. I was able to provide a voice that needed one and support other spouses also walking through this. Helping and supporting military families, spouses, and members has become a passion of mine.

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